Art Brigade History

The History

The Art Brigade started in 2016 as the vision of Executive Director Karen Legato.

Karen had a conversation with a public health colleague and friend Kimberly Scott.  Karen was sharing a dream she had of making Health Brigade’s medical clinic lobby into a gallery for patients to enjoy work by local artists.

Kim told Karen she had just the people she needed to talk to: her spouse Jill Powell and her sister-in-law Kelly Powell. Once Karen had an opportunity to speak with these vivacious and creative women, The Art Brigade was born.


The mission of The Art Brigade is to provide Health Brigade patients/clients, volunteers, staff, and guests with an opportunity to experience community-born art as a force for health and healing.


Jill agreed to do our pilot show in November of 2016.  With Kelly’s support hanging and arranging the art, we filled not only the lobby but the entire administrative hallway. It was a visual feast for the eyes. Our second brave local artist was Virginia (Ginni) McConnell. Again, we filled the lobby and the administrative hallway with her diversified body of art. Both shows were so successful that we felt that this was something we should continue. The Art Brigade Committee was formed with interior designer Kelly Powell and our incredible first two pioneer artists Jill Powell and Ginni McConnell.

The goal of this effort has always been to provide a welcoming and healing environment for our patients, clients, volunteers, staff and visitors.  We have celebrated over 25 art exhibits to date. The artists graciously agree to donate 25% of the cost of any pieces sold to support the mission of Health Brigade. Health Brigade hosts an opening for each show inviting friends of the artist, our staff, and the public at large. If you have yet to attend one of our shows, you don’t know what you are missing.

The Art Brigade Committee (L to R) Jill Powell, Ginni McConnell, Kelly Powell

If you have any questions about The Art Brigade, please contact Public Relations Manager Julie Sulik at (804) 533-2740 or via [email protected].