Monica Rao 2023

Nature has and continues to be the most central inspiration for my artistic creations; ebb and flow in life, to have patience, and allow things to happen at the right time. This is clearly how my artistic expedition has evolved.

My earlier abstract works, prior to my Near-Death experience (NDE) and Out-of Body experience (OBE), were influenced by stunning sunsets and sun rises, plants and trees, skies and clouds, flora and fauna and landscapes and seascapes in an abstract form bringing in textures that brought heightened sensations, bright colors and fluid movement.

After my NDE and OBE, my artistic creations changed dramatically. While Nature continues to be a major source of inspiration, my artwork embodies the mystical experiences of being cocooned in a warm embrace of magnificent divine white light that showed me unconditional love, eternal peace and of being a part of full and united consciousness. Post NDE/OBE, when I create, I am always in a meditative trance, stepping away and allowing life-force energy to create. As an intuitive artist, my artwork emerges from a no-mind state. Noted by several critics, my colors and flow have changed significantly.

While much of my work involves spiritual life coaching, intuitive energy healing, and meditation coaching, I frequently lead workshops often combining the two. Many clients and audiences have found this useful and therapeutic.

Abstract art allows a viewer to connect with their hearts and souls as they shift from societal-learned analysis and judgements that tend to reside in the mind. An abstract creation intuits whatever perspective a viewer brings. There is no one way that anyone is expected to feel. This is the beauty of abstract art.

My art is created by meditative intuition that highlights the near death experience and powerful spiritual awakening that followed. It is my desire to spread the understanding of how meditation and art create therapeutic healing for the soul while balancing the mind, body, and spirit.

From my abstract creations in a meditative trance state, I am opening a pathway for art enthusiasts and critics to enjoy the creations as food for their souls. We are conditioned to constantly function from our mind. As a result, we find ourselves analyzing nearly everything– to the point where we cause mental fatigue, obsession with perfection and distraction from all that matters deep in our souls.

In my creation of intuitive abstract art, I endeavor to open doorways to help the viewer to connect to their own heart and soul. While creating art can be a meditative process, I find that when we give ourselves permission to feel, we go into a state of conscious awareness. Colors emote. Textures bring depth to a piece of art. Movement pulsates through our souls. When we engage our hearts and allow ourselves to “feel,” empathy, compassion, peace, joy, and balance becomes central to our being.

My artistic journey has involved experimenting and exploring a variety of mediums such as acrylics, encaustics, pastels, alcohol inks, marbling inks, silk dyes, pen and ink, charcoal, pencil sketches and mixed media. My process of discovery includes playing with each medium much like a child, and really connecting to it viscerally. Each medium must connect to my inner soul as though it is an extension of my being. Because my work is non-representational, the art has its own unique heart and soul; there is no realistic frame of reference.

While each medium has its own uniqueness, in the recent years, I have developed a close affinity toward encaustics. I find this medium to be highly intuitive and it works well with my tendency to create work from a “no-mind” state. The creations take on a life of their own. The painting communicates when it needs more love and attention. Sometimes I don’t even know how a painting came to be—it’s like something deeper than my consciousness brings it to life.


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Her Paintings

Painting of orange tulips


Title: Tulips
Medium: Watercolors on paper
Size: 17 inches x 13 inches
Price: $298
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Abstract art in blue colors


Unity Consciousness
18” x 24”
Mixed Media on Canvas
Additional for shipping

Multicolored abstract painting


Waves at Shore 8
12 “ x 16 “
Fluid Acrylics on Canvas
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Multicolored abstract painting


Shine your brights 2
20 “ x 10”
Fluid Acrylics on canvas
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Multicolored abstract painting


Sacred Flower

20” x 24”
Mixed Media on Canvas
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