Julian Jahmal Desta

Welcome Art Lovers

We are delighted you are here.  The art of Richmond artist Julian Jahmal Desta was on display at Health Brigade from January-March 2024.

The Art Brigade started in 2016. The goal of this effort has always been to provide a welcoming and healing environment for our patients, clients, volunteers, staff and visitors.  This is our 24th exhibition. Art Brigade artists graciously donate 25% of the cost of any pieces sold to support Health Brigade’s mission.

If you have any questions about any of the art or the artist, please contact Julie Sulik at (804) 533-2740 or via [email protected].

“Why else but to express. Here I find the different layers of myself. In my creativity, I am able to make better sense of it all. Freeing, grounding, expanding, and exploring.

My process when creating helps me in reconnecting with innocence and understanding my own vulnerability. I create abstract art that seeks to reach beyond a label, concept, or aim. Many of these pieces are directed off of feeling and not thought. The thoughts are often the after effect when I or someone else views a piece and dialogue begins.

As a psychology major, I was intrigued and inspired by the Rorschach Ink blot test. What do you see? What does this image mean to you? How does this make you feel? Images are powerful and subliminal. They can trigger a wide range of thoughts and emotions. I hope so, for we as humans are still evolving and are but scratching the surface of our full potential. Most of my work is created from recycled materials as I strongly believe that as an activist artist we can help reduce waste by finding ways of turning it into art. I look to do art on any and all surfaces. I am not limited to a canvas, paper, or flat surfaces.” ~Julian Jahmal Desta


To view art, scroll down the artist’s page.  

His Paintings

Radiant Circuits
31 in x 31 in Mixed Media on Canvas

Life of the Party
34 in x 34 in Mixed Media on Canvas

20 in. x 40 in. Acrylic on Stretched Burlap

Nebulux 3
30 in x 30 in Mixed Media o Canvas
Cosmic Whispers
30 in x 30 in Mixed Media on Canvas

20 in x 20 in Mixed Media Canvas

Xegue 2
18 in x 24 in Mixed Media on Canvas

Safe with Friends
36 in x 24 in Mixed Media on Canvas

Kids in the hall
20 in x 20 in Mixed Media on Canvas

24 in. X 36 in. Mixed Media on canvas

Thoughts and Emotions 1
24in x 24in. Mixed Media on Canvas

24in x 24in. Acrylic on Canvas